Burn Baby Burn! Disco Inferno!!

OK..so today’s funny is brought to you by the gentleman that decided to start dancing at the cash register at  Bloom supermarket. As I was standing there waiting to check out the man in front of me started dancing halfway through his order.  This in itself as not really too off the mark odd, it was what happened after I took notice that it got awkward.  He proceeded to hip bump his female companion,   I say this as due to his mannerisms and general way he was carrying himself I did not think this was a girlfriend/significant other.

She did not return the favor so to speak and then came time to pay. Since I failed to mention earlier we were at a self check out  before going this I am doing so now. He was  forced to punch in his telephone number because he forgot his discount card at him, three times he had to attempt this as the number he tried would not be accepted . Each time he attempted this feat he did pelvic thrusts at the machine whilst punching them in. Finally after the last attempt I finally spoke up and offered him my card. Simply out of self-defense because any longer and I would be laughing my round Irish ass off!

He then swiped it and said Thhhhaaanks!   My reply “no worries.” .

I started scanning my purchases about this time and halfway through I hear “heeeeey, thanks again!”  again my reply “Hey no worries. ‘ and then he smiled at me.   LOL

On a side note. I am not sure if this gentleman was just very animated and friendly or was flirting with me. As  it has been far too long since the latter has happened to me I would not be able to detect it easy. Ha


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