POW right in the kisser!

Today’s funny is brought to you by the airhead at the Outback steakhouse I was at.  We were waiting for our table in the breezeway when I hear behind me “Ow you shocked me in the forehead!”.  I turn to see this blond girl come through the  front door followed by her boy friend.

Obviously the aforementioned shock rendered this poor girl a bit dazed and confused as she sat for a seconds pushing on the door that in big red letters on the door PUSH! Finally it seemed that her and the boyfriend she was with came to the same conclusion that you needed to pull it open.  He reached around her and grabbed the bottom of the handle and the exact same moment she grabbed the top.. and in unison pulled.

I guess since she was not expecting this added assistance she did not think to move out-of-the-way faster and WHAM.. square in the face came the door. To be followed shortly by colorful metaphors and I believe a mentioned of the man extracting his head from his ass.   LOL


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