Monthly Archives: December 2010

Christmas at home

So coming into my hometown I stop at a local gas station that has a deli like food place in it. I went to the bathroom and noticed that over the toilet was this week menu of specials ! lol

As I was leaving a man pulled up with the back windshield gone and was replaced with a piece of plywood with a hole cut out. Both it and the plastic in the hole was duct taped in place.

Skip forward to today where I stopped in the local Sheetz for coffee and as I was waiting in line I look over and hear a gentleman that was rather… lets say flamboyant ,wearing a button that stated * I love footlongs!*.

Stopped into the WalGreens for something for my Mom and saw this next to the holiday gifts. Something kind of screamed wrong here! lol

Top it all off I asked my Mom if Frosty the snowman got frisky with the reindeer this year and she was forced to make him a eunuch! LOL

More may be coming!