Idle Minds are the devil’s tools…

I was reminded  of a time I had this asshole come into Best Buy thinking he was funny.. walked up to a part-time person and asked him if any of our printers printed white. He in turn said I do not know and grabbed a vendor to ask. They in turn then came to me to ask. When I answered *To my knowledge I know of NO printers that print white.” he then proceeded to exclaim loudly to attract attention to himself and the situation. “YOU’RE WRONG THE (printer brand) MODEL (whatever) CAN PRINT WHITE! YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!” To which I calmly replied “Sir, do you feel better about yourself now that you have been validated and wasting our time on something we clearly do not carry?”

He then tried to start fighting and cursing with me and I walked away from him and the vendor and part-time guy started cracking up and had to walk away as well.


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