(sighs) Wtf? Are they REALLY asking these things?? LOL

What single factor has the greatest effect on your health?


Where and when would you go on a wellness retreat?

I am thinking hospital and when ill.

What is the difference between warm and cool mist humidifiers?

Calm me crazy, but going out on a limb and saying one is cool the other is warm!

What are the best sites to find torrents for movies and/or for music?

www.fbi.gov, www.FCC.gov, http://www.Imadumbassforpostingthisquestion.LOL

What is the point of eating breakfast cereal? Is it to wake you up, as in drinking coffee?

I ask something very similar every day like that myself! What is the point of stupid people being allowed to run free and unchecked in the world?

Is it possible to prepare food in a laboratory autoclave?

Guess who is not going to be performing surgery on ME!?

Why can’t the McRib be a permanent menu item?

Ok Hell that got me with this one! I have to so agree here! Win for this guy!

What is your all time favorite horse movie?

One Crazy night in Tia Juana?

How do I remove the questions box from my facebook page?

Why would you? These people are amusing. Lol

What should I do for my last month in Europe?

Join a cult? Declare everything including what you brought over? Learn how to say bomb in every language?

Can anyone tell me what is not yoga?

The dairy treat that usually has Blue Berries and stuff in it?

What, exactly, are the ethics of re-gifting a white elephant at another white elephant?

Drug test aisle #1! We need a drug test on aisle #1 ASAP!

Who is the worst internet service provider in India?

WHEW Glad he did not say customer service. Would be here for weeks!

How to remove post on wall?

Delete your account. I swear it works!

Who controls the radio?

The voices…

Which day are you taking the Vibrations Final?


What is your least favorite type of doorknob to touch?

The knobby kind!

What’s a cheap internet source?

Your neighbor’s unsecured wireless? (Shifts eyes back and forth) WHAT!?

Is Facebook trying to displace Google, replacing standard search with social search?

HA! Facebook trying to replace Google? That would be like pitting the gecko from Geico against Godzilla in a cage match!

What do you think of jellied eels?

Tastes like chicken.

What is the correct method of pouring wine?

Dangling from a chandelier with a lit candle in your arse!

What is the best way to survive a zombie outbreak?

Toss the stupid people at them. Chances are the zombies with be confused and dazed for a moment with the inane question.


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