Questions.. questions.. questions!

What and when do you eat before a run?
Human Souls. They are light and fat free. Some are even chocked full of delicious guilt!
Employers, what do you value most when hiring?
Do you steal? NO Do you have a car? YES Will you try and have sex with my daughter? YES! FAIL!
What democratic purpose do political parties serve?
To poke one another with sharp sticks and figure out who is having sex with interns and bathroom dwelling “Men of the night!”
Peanut butter: Crunchy or Creamy?
Stupid People: Shoot or Deport?
How Much Money Did You Spend On Music in 2010?
2 Words LimeWire
Who would win in a three-way fight: The Punisher, Batman, or Snake-Eyes?
Elmo! He would constantly giggle till they all killed themselves!
What do people keep insisting that, “There is no such thing as truth,” when that statement itself is a truth?
Woooo someone has been thinking. I bet asking him the Chicken or Egg question would really screw with him.
Why do people ask questions on Facebook instead of Googling them and receiving an answer faster?
What’s the hottest urban party in Toronto for New Year’s Eve 2011?
Moose-a-thon 2011. Nonstop Moose wrestling and racing for an ENTIRE week! (wonder how many people will actually google this?)
What are the best apps for traveling throughout Asia?
The one that screams “Hi I am a foreigner that is too cool to use a map and ask for directions! Please come rob me for my phone!”.

What is the best way to play music from the PC to other rooms in the house?
Volume Knob? That’s how we did it back in the day. That’s how our parents did it! Worked great so far!
What is your wish for 2011?
Unlimited supply of redheads, to not wake up one morning to look like a sparkly vampire and for stupid people to be forced to move to Rhode Island!
Which song fight club?
How now brown cow?
What is the best Foursquare marketing campaign?
Hit all competitors in the head with a ball with your company logo printed on it! ( think back to the school days kids)
How should I clean my ‘bio-hazard’ fish tank?
People like you should be forced to live in a tank instead of being allowed to care for another living creature. Who gets pets without learning this stuff going in?

In YOUR opinion, which is the best Ivy League university/college?

What Do You Resolve to Change for 2011?
To be less tolerant to stupid people.
What is the best way to update Twitter with my Facebook status?
Seriously someone has WAY too much time on their hands! (looks) Hey Shut up! You guys are reading this and laughing so I serve a purpose! LOL


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