A trip to Wal-Mart this weekend

So this weekend was very interesting to say the least.

Christmas seems to bring out the most interesting people. I was in the electronics section when I heard Bon Jovi’s  “I’ll be there for you” being played loudly, I turn around and there is a short hispanic gentleman standing there listening to his IPhone’s music through the speaker while dressed in all leather and chains. Words cannot describe the reaction and amusement I was feeling at that moment.

I then go around the corner to be met with a 7 foot tall gentleman wearing a uniform that said Don’s Johns! This is a company that specializes in portable toilets. This was not especially noteworthy as much as his blue hair which was about the same shade as the water you see in the aforementioned toilets! lol.  (think about it)

After that I walked on to the clothing section where I over heard a woman scolding her young son.. “Stop playing with women’s underwear!” Not sure how that one is going to play out in a few years.. however I do see a therapist getting a new sports car.

I then continued on where I saw a woman who while waiting for her daughters to try on clothes and made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and was eating it when I came across her.

Then finally as I was checking out one of the cashiers started chasing a customer out the door, seems she was in such a hurry to get out of there she forgot her change.. at least $10-20 given the number of bills I saw. I do not know about you but I like having money.. lol.

As I was leaving there was a gentleman ringing the bell for the salvation army like a hamster on crack. I was not sure if he was trying to draw attention on himself or scare people away.

T’is the season eh?


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  1. I dont know which one is better the kid playing with womens underwear or the peanut butter and jelly making lady LOL! Walmart – yup I am fascinated but the people there everytime we shop. GREAT post!

  2. Love the thing about the peanutbutter sandwich… that’s classically ghetto!!! lmao

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