I know I am going to Hell for making fun.. but it has to be done! LOL

Is there anyone cooler than “The Dude”?

The Dude’s wife! Tell him she and I say “Hello from Ireland!” *waves*

What is the best recreational coed soccer league in Boston?

Tackle and fondle league?

How can I train in a week for a 10K run?

BBQ sauce, steaks, large group of pissed off pitbulls?

Can questions about Good vs Evil ever be answered substantially?

*pokes you in the eyes and takes your wallet* That a good answer?

Which type of literature do you read most frequently?

Pop-up books! They ALWAYS have the best pictures!

What is the best hot chocolate available for sale in Dublin, Ireland?

Who cares!? Dude ANY chocolate in Ireland is awesome… because it is not here! Lol

Why is it so hard to fall asleep after a late night soccer game?

Because someone spent all night kicking your balls around?

Do police ever stop citizens and take their cars in pursuit of a suspect like you often see in the movies?

Nope but had one take my doughnuts as evidence!

So, I found two Cornish game hens in the freezer from, I believe, about two years ago. They’re hermetically sealed. They should be okay to cook, right?

And… the Darwin award goes to…

What is the difference between Travel & Journey?

The fact you lost your map?

When did human beings become ‘human’?

Aliens are using facebook questions to discover our origins? Great we made them stupid now!

Who would win in a game of basketball?

The guys with the taller players?

What’s the best kind of music to chill/groove to?

Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails, Kitty, Slipknot, 50 cent, Eminem and Luther Vandross!

Do you have a movie recommendation for our future showing?

How Mommy pays rent with the use of a pole?

Why isn’t professional cycling more popular in America?

Because the guys in the Dodge Chargers and Cadillac SUVs keep running them over?

When you suffer from dehydration, which symptom do you notice first?

Gee… I am REALLY thirsty

Is there some reason why football helmets have to be hard? Why not a rubber helmet?

So the athletes do not get brain damage… like you!

If you had to opportunity to choose, would you choose LOVE or MONEY?

Money, can rent love as needed after that! Lol

Why did it take BAA 5 days to remove 5 inches of snow off the second runway at Heathrow?

Because they were only allowed to have those little plastic hand shovels you get in the sand castle making kits!

What’s your favorite, most sexy make-out music?

Bad Touch BloodHound Gang

How did you get your current job?

I filled out the application and interviewed? WTF

Do you think the earth is 6,000 years old and that humans and dinosaurs co-existed?

Seriously!? Have you NEVER seen Land of the Lost tv show?

If you were able to volunteer for a living, what cause would you support?


Which is your favorite landmark in midtown Manhattan?

The fireplug on that one corner next to that eatery?

What is the relationship between movements for world peace/unity/one-world government, and Biblical prophecies about the Antichrist?

Well… Palin has a show and her Daughter did Dancing with the Stars… so.. yeah

Should firearms be allowed in places of worship by licensed permit holders?

You need a 21 gun salute for the benediction?

Do you think the Facebook Questions feature is stupid?

No I think it is the BEST thing ever! How else do I get a chance to make fun of the mentally inferior?! (note that means stupid not special needs!)

What do you wish a  smartphone could do that it can’t currently do?

Make the stupid people that twitter and text about every little thing smarter?

What breed of domestic cat would be best for protecting a set of commemorative plates?

Ladies! This guy is single and looking for a relationship! http://www.facebook.com/daniel.james.fritz?v=questions&filter=2#!/daniel.james.fritz?sk=info

What is a good name for my cat, and why?

Too late found the perfect woman for him!  http://www.facebook.com/gemma.ashcroft?v=questions&filter=2


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