A trip to the store today!

Walked into a store and these are some of the more interesting things I came across!

For your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight!

I guess this is the kind of  wine that you drink with dinner and wake up the next morning with a circus clown   next to you saying “Good morning, bet you thought the big floppy shoes were just for looks huh?”.

I guess this is for the inner thug in all of us! Oddly enough I did not see any parental ratngs on this… so I can only speculate on the shower scenes!

Here is one I am not sure if this means we as humans have gotten so lazy we need a stapler so easy to use it requires one finger or some of us like to break up the work day with a little S&M.

This leads me to the lady who I can only imagine was doing what she was doing in this picture… because she REALLY could not get anything done at home! {so she came to her local Office Depot}

All in all.. definitely a WTF kind of day! Cannot wait for tomorrow! LOL


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