A day in the life of Deviant.

So.. this was being delivered to the office across the hall… and here I thought I got bad headaches from work! LOL

This was at the local sheetz when I stopped for Coffee (pardon the blurry image but I did have one hand with a cup of coffee lol) You cannot see it but on the left side it says Treat Center! lol Lets see how many of you pick up on this without me pointing it out lol

Stopped at the WalMart on my way down to my hometown and saw this display with the following boxers on one side and the tshirt on the other. (Gives new spin to Tickle my Elmo!)

Well.. I have my shoes.. my purses… my scarf.. you know what will bring this all together!? CHAMPAGNE!!

Last but not least.. the high tech security to keep from games being stolen… (yes that is scotch tape)


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