Shopping with my Mom!

Now you see why she dreaded take me anywhere when I was a kid. Now I am an adult.. she really hates it!

So first stop WalMart. I really am not sure why they have these two items together.  All I can figure is the baby had chili and the parent REALLY needs to keep up!

Then we stopped at the hardware store. LOL Never leave me alone for a second or  I find ways to cause trouble.

As we are leaving I noticed this. I guess in trying to restore this classic POS GMC he never thought a hood latch was important!

In the truck next to him was this in the windshield. I have no words to describe the levels of how screwed up this is lol.

Last but not least.. the whole time I am doing this.. my mom is saying I am going to get in trouble and behave!. Then she shows me this picture SHE took! LOL Hypocrite!{take notice what they deliver on weekends!}


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