Forecast is ice with chance of stupidity

So this morning I awaken to 1/2″ ice  everywhere. As I am cleaning off my truck this girl (who can only be described as stoned) came out in a huge parka that came to her waist and spandex booty shorts to clean her car off.  She first started to try and chip through the ice with her car key. After watching her make a few scratches I offered her my second scraper.”This might help you break through easier than that key!”

She kind of looked at me weird and said thank you.  She then proceeded to try and scrape the ice off the windshield before getting the car open.  I then said “Might want to start the car first and let the defrost get at it from the other side to make it easier.  Again another weird blank stare followed by her trying to chip at the door again.  Finally she walks over to me and hands me the scraper and says “I think I am just going to stay home today!” and walks back to her building.

I get the feeling there is a job out there that is being more productive without her being there!


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