Safety first!

SO as I am driving to the store to get something to eat.. I am cut off by a guy who is driving a faded beat up 14 toyota camry with spinners! He also did not signal or brake… I guess the magic spinners will protect him.

I get to the store and pull into a space. I receive a text and as I am doing do this suv races past my truck narrowly missing myself and the car one space over.  He is going at such speed he rocks my truck! I look up and what gets out? Nothing than NOVA’s  finest Fire and Rescue! Guess they do not teach them how to drive there at the firehouse.

To top it all off.. I walk past a woman buttoning up her heavy coat to get ready to ride back to her home on her 10 speed bike. This is not what concerns me. It is the fact she is dressed  head to toe in black and riding a pink bike! lol

Seriously I am really starting to wonder if the human race is going to survive much longer with these idiots loose!


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