Quick bring out your dollar bills!

I was telling a friend last night about when I was a manager for a WalMart. One day we caught a 19-year-old college girl shop lifting and she did not take it well.

When she was told that the security people and cameras caught her stealing numerous things including a bikini she lost it.

Next thing I know the girl was screaming “I didn’t steal anything you fucks! Here I’ll show you!”

Off came the shirt! By the time the customer service manager was able to get to her the girl was topless and jeans were down around her knees with one shoe off!

LOL Some days it was good to be a manager.


Posted on January 21, 2011, in humor, life and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Only if she was worthy of being topless! lol

    Could’ve ended up very nasty! lol

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