Kids.. not allowed to beat them anymore!

So I was reminded of some of the more interesting encounters I had with kids in my retail career and life.

I once work in a grocery store where one day when a 8-10 year old wanted some toy or something and the mother refused to buy it for him! He immediately retorted with “Wait till we get home bitch I’m gonna kill you!”

Now I am not sure what you would have done as a child but I know if I would have said that to my mom even in jest.. well lets just say you would not be reading this. I would be buried!

Then there was the young lady whose kid 7-9 wanted something at the Best Buy I was shopping at. When she refused to get it for him he went apeshit and started throwing things, screaming at one point took both arms and knocked everything off 2 shelves. She scolded him and made him get back into his stroller  and handed him her Starbucks iced coffee to drink to keep him quiet for the moment. She then flipped her hair back and remarks “Sorry about that *teehee* I cannot understand why he acts out like that!”.

Then there was my stop at the mall to pick up a videogame. Woman was leading her son around on one of those kid leashes (personally I think some need a choke chain but whatever). She stops to talk to her friend about something she sees on display and the kid grabs the leash and starts gnawing on it trying to free himself! I was waiting for her to whack him with a newspaper. She just gave it a tug and said stop.

As I am standing there in line waiting for my game this kid comes running in and not paying attention to where he is going. Runs smack into me. (some of you may or may not know I am a big man and most adults running into me is like running into a wall).  Needless to say “Timmy”  got put on his ass and did not react until I looked down. He then decided to cry and his mom came rushing up after seeing him do this!. She looked at me like it was my fault and coddled him. No sorry, oops.. fuck you. Nothing.   Needless to say as they were walking away my usual mindset took over and I yelled out “Sorry, did not mean to be standing here in his way!” She just looked back at me with a nasty look.

Needless to say where I live.. we have A LOT of self entitled, adderall hooked brats that really just need a good old fashion knock out instead of a time out!



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  1. Once while working at Directv, I was in this lady’s house finishing up work (putting in the boxes and stuff) and she was telling her 12-13 yr old kid he was gonna have to pause his video game and the kid told his Mom, and I quote “suck my balls Mom”. She looked at me, cringed and walked away with out saying anything. Never heard such a thing before. I wanted to punch him in the face. Alas that is frowned upon now a days…

  2. You are preaching to the choir, baby!!!Remember, I spend my days with 5 year olds. Why I oughtta…to the moon Alice!!!!

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