When stupid people attack.. with questions!

Why does baby food taste bad?

Because you are an adult you twit! Stop eating the kid’s food!

What is the best method for putting a portrait of my 17 cats on the fanny of my new pair of PajamaJeans

Seriously… did you just ask that?  Funny things is this was the number one answer, WIN!

Bill Peairs · Charlottesville, Virginia

Eat nothing but tapioca pudding and cheeseburgers until you have enough “real estate” for the portrait. Also, you may be required to wear Hawaiian shirts from then on.

What is the best way to spend $30 on yourself?

Well depends on which corner you go to…. Wait, what?

How do you change fields in science?

Evolution?  Transmogrification?  transcendental meditation? Walk next door to the guy working on worm holes that REALLY loves Star Trek?

Are there any movies about the recovery after a zombie attack?

Silly jackass! No one survives a  Zombie attack!

What’s the best text on the details and finer points of Peircean semiotics?

Can we guess who sits home alone on Saturday night and does not get laid?

What is the best marketing-driven technology brand in the world?

Thank you for calling Dell! (see how many get that joke)

Which James Bond would you want to father your children?

Really.. you would want a manwhore that has either contracted or created every STD on earth (if he were real) as a father figure?

What are the most frustrating examples of corporate bureaucracy you have encountered in your career?

Thank you for calling IRS..  please hold! *click and dial tone*

What should be Mohammad Aamir’s punishment?

He should be spanked with Cricket bat by a large, possibly masculine woman named  Helga and sent to his room without  Kheer to think about what he did!


Does any film besides Predator feature two future governors?

Nope but I see your governors and raise you a senator and president biotch!

How do you make crispy bacon?

Have no idea,  but I can give you an AWESOME recipe on how to boil water! Seriously WTF doesn’t know how to make bacon!


Which type of duel do you believe you would have the highest probability of winning?

Squirrel VS Beaver. Beaver wins!

Why does a ball of steel bounce higher than a ball of rubber and glass?

Mine just kind of clang together actually. Pisses off the neighbors when I have a lady friend over.

What would have been a better way to handle race in The Last Airbender movies?

Really..  it is a movie about a kid who can control air as a weapon by means of a Chinese martial arts.. and you focus on the race card?

What is the best/healthiest brand of fiber supplements?

Bark, pinecone, twine

Why don’t you take supplements or vitamins on a daily basis?

Mom? WTF?

What is the dumbest feature of the U.S Constitution?

That whole freedom of speech thing! Idiot!

Is virgin coconut oil good for you? How do you use it?

It is great for tanning virgins!

Can anyone provide ideas for headache relief?

Facebook removing questions! Facebook stop reinventing the fucking wheel every week! Facebook stop suggesting single Christian mom’s to date!

What is the object of science? Explaining reality or explaining human experience?

Nope making transporters and laser beams baby!


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