Monthly Archives: February 2011

It’s on a timer!

So today’s funny was submitted by Margret.


Seems at the old company she worked at the Cisco router/firewall would go offline every day at 12:15. For a week or so they did every diagnostic and trouble shooting test they could think of. Upgrade firmware and drivers.  Finally they sent someone on-site to watch the device.

Exactly at 12:15 the router powered off and the technician started to inspect it. He followed the power line to an extension cord what was being used because they ran out of sockets in the server room.

The extension cord went around the corner into the ladies restroom. Come to find out that a young lady was going out to work out on her lunch hour and came back every about that same time. She was unplugging the cord to plug in her hair dryer to dry her hair! lol