Questions and more.. WTF

Why is my (or your) relationship status “required” to be everyone’s business?

Umm you can hide that dumbass!

Is it a good idea to take an antihistamine (like Benadryl) to fall asleep to try to quickly re-adjust my sleep schedule?

WTF? Can’t you just do it the old fashion way people been doing for years!? Drink till you blackout.

How do you search for travel related services (flights, hotels, etc)?

Hmmm we should ask William Shatner!

What are the most beautiful remote areas to visit in Alaska?

Sarah Palin’s House! You can see Russia from her back porch.. her daughters are very user friendly..

How do radio stations decide which songs to play and make popular?

The amount of dollars spent by gum chewing airheads that hate their parents until they need said dollars to buy the Itunes!

What movie should we see tonight?


How would you cut up a single-file mixtape into individual tracks?

Holy shit.. People still use tape and still make mixed tapes? Talk about Back to the Future.

What’s the most important word on the Internet?


I am trying to claim a business I represent but facebook keeps denying the request. Any suggestions…

Have you considered sending nude photos?

Where’s the best place to go hiking in China?

I heard  there is this wall thingy.. not sure what is so special about a wall!?

What is your favorite shape of cracker?

WTF? I am so fighting here!

My mom listens to Susan Boyle, what music does your mom listen to?

What is this Moms meeting Moms dating?

What is the object of science? Explaining reality or explaining human experience?

I thought it was invented to piss off God..  good move IDIOTS!

Is the gold market in an investment bubble?

Depends.. how many teeth you got?

In what ways do convenience stores earn profit from the sales of Lotto tickets?

None.. schools are the profit receivers from Lotto.  Stores make money on slurpees, porn and chicken wings!

Which basketball shoes are the lightest?

Dude.. if you have to ask that.. shoes are not the problem.. your ass is!

Can anyone provide ideas for headache relief?

I know a woman… you give her $2 she make all your pain go away!

How do I find a relationship request?

Plenty of

Did you eat black peas for good luck on new year’s day?

That would be black eye peas you fucktard!

Where can I find good egg foo yung near Stanford?

Um phonebook?

Which burns more calories: running at high intensity for 20 minutes or doing a workout class (zumba, cardio, etc) for 55 minutes?


How many times you think you should forgive your partner on cheating on you, before you decide and say enough in a relationship?

If you do it more than once you are an idiot

How do you make a food landscape and how would one photograph it?

Landscaping food? I swear if I hear landing strip or bearded clam I am going to lose it.

Which is the best Hiking GPS unit?

Whichever gets you lost.. one less stupid person in society,


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