LOL.. Questions

How you can demonstrate that your children lived with you on 2009?

A power point slideshow presentation?

What is your favorite distance to run?

Depends.. how far is it to the xbox?

What is a good nutritional protein bar to eat?

Snickers… it always satisfies

I have a very good idea for a movie. How do I put my ideas into a screenplay?

Well.. call me crazy… but I think there is this thing called a Computron.. and on the computron there is a magical program called word….. Or you can just try superglue, posterboard and a box of Alphabits Cereal

What is your favorite form of exercise?


How can I get an acting role in a sci-fi channel original movie?

If you are not an 80’s pop singer, reformed smackhead or having sex with a director.. chances are you are out of luck.

Do you think animal protein is the root of all our health woes?

Yeah between the hundreds of preservatives, people drinking to excess, smoking, children and some adults having pathetic personal hygiene and overall stress in life?  Yep.. Animal protein is the DEVIL!

How can you define taxation in a way which makes it different from robbery?

Yeah the Government does not at least have the consideration to hold a gun to your face!

When is British Airways’ winter fare sale?

Something tells me.. winter time?

Which foundation engineering textbook do you think is the best?

The biggest one I can stick under my coffee table to keep it from wobbling. (think about it)

Were my utensils and my canvases nothing but money all along?

Ok.. seriously.. they let people loose in society like this and *I* am on the government’s watch list? Fuck you!


Is religion necessary to maintaining a healthy democracy?

I pray to God every day that this country does not go tits up.. so far.. so good!

How has running helped you remain healthy?

The bullets missed me?

Where is the best place to going hiking in Iraq?

Well there is this beautiful mine field where you can walk through and see the sunset.

How has the economic downturn affected your romantic relationships?

LMAO.. why are you asking this? Are your hookers starting to charge more or are they doing a 2 for 1 special?

What should I be looking for in a good plastic surgeon?

If they are 60 and look 20? Oh and if they have a nice rack!

What is the exact date of SuperBowl in 2011?

Obviously.. you are not a football fan.. There for you must be flogged!

Snookie is coming to Wake Forest… Fail?

How the fuck is that? When did colleges start accepting applications in crayon?


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