Ok so I think this may be the last one of this series as the questions on facebook are getting repetitive and most are just plants from marketing people to get you to buy a Iphone or ricecooker.

Why don’t you play the lottery?

Because living in DC is a gamble enough!

How would you calculate the frequencies of a vibrating steel coil spring that’s under tension?

Sit a lonely soccer mom on it and count the orgasms?

What yoga pose lifts your mood the most?

Well I know I am happy when the ladies do downward facing dog!

How much of the world’s wealth is owned by banks?

Silly dumbass… we are owned by the Chinese now! Get it right white devil!

Should the US treasury define a digital currency?

Like what? Facebook credits?

What are the most fun beaches to visit in the Mediterranean?

All the nude ones!

At what time of day are school children most functional and alert to learn?

That sweet spot when the Adderall kicks in and the teacher’s wild turkey wears off!

What is the best way to spend $30 on yourself?

Depends… you want happy ending?

How can I determine if the volume of the music I’m listening to on my computer is safe?

If you are really this stupid to ask a question n like that… just slam your testicles in a car door and avoid screwing some good woman’s bloodline up!

What is the future of photography?

Transcendental mental projection.. which should make porn obsolete as well. LOL

What are your vegetarian/vegan Crock Pot recipes?

Beef stew

Why should or shouldn’t you date a professional athlete?

Hmm I think Tiger is trolling for a new wife…


What technology does Apple use for scheduling meetings?

Istickynotes, ICarrierpigeon , Ilearnedhowtouseacalendar

Is philosophy more of an art or a science (or something else)?

OOO I got a better one!! If a jackass writes a pseudo-intellectual query on a website, does it make him look smart?

What are some cheap places around the world to fly to?

New Jersey! (So going to catch it from those guys now! OH SHIT SNOOKIE IS GNAWING ON MY LEG!)

Which type of duel do you believe you would have the highest probability of winning?

Snookie Vs  Buick. Been running down cows in the crossing lanes for years baby!

What is your favorite music to listen to when you are angry?

Celine Dion. She gets me even more pumped up to hurt someone! Damn it my heart will go on too!

Approximately how much time per day do you spend on the Internet?


What are some methods for toilet training before age two?

Duct tape, chili, ball gag.

One snowflake consists of how many frozen raindrops?

Not sure,  though it seems Facebook questions is filled to the BRIM with flakes!

Is art about capturing life, or creating it?

I thought it was about the pretty colors Brain.. but why would  you put the rubber pants on the camel?

How did you save money on your wedding?

Ha trick question, because either way you are going to pay with the divorce!

What is the nature of true happiness?

Umm to be happy?

Does anyone have a great recipe for Cold Sesame noodles?

Make noodles.. add sesame seeds, put in fridge. DUH

What is the definition of evil?

Me lol


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