Bad Boys!Bad Boys! Whatcha gonna do..

So on my way home I stopped to get some gas. As I was doing this I heard sirens from a cop wailing at full blast and then noticed the lights . Speeding down the road at breakneck speed until he got to the stop light a block down where he proceeded to “woop” his sirens several times frantically to get the lady in the turn lane at the light to move over to let him by. He then turns left which happens to be towards the local Bloom.

Here I think great the store is getting robbed. I pull out and head in that direct where I see he has swung a U Turn and is now sitting behind an old truck which looks like a stunt truck for Sanford and Son and a red BMW.

I then realized all this was to get to a rear end collision! WTF right?

Well gets better. I go into the aforementioned store and do some shopping. I come out 20 minutes later to no 1, not 2 but 3 cops sitting in this lane of the accident.  Two regular ones and a supervisor {unmarked}.

Really it takes three cops to give an old poor guy a ticket for rear-ending a rich dude? What did they think he was doing riding with concealed doughnuts or something? “Sir we smell sprinkle paraphernalia… we need to search your truck!”

Tax dollars at work kids!


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