I blame it on the drugs

So I was talking with a friend {yes I have friends} and I was reminded of the time I was in the hospital. Back when I was 17 my ankle was broken in wrestling and was taken to the ER. During such time I was given some EXCELLENT morphine! At this point I am retelling my Mother’s recollection.

Well once they got me admitted into the room they decided they need to put in an IV because the damage was so bad it required surgery for rebuild. Anyway by the time we had gotten around to this I was pretty well buzzed and feeling good despite my crushed ankle.

The young nurse was trying really hard to get the needle into my tough skin. I literally bent 4-5 needles trying. Finally the young nurse got frustrated and exclaimed “I can’t get it in no matter how hard I try!” to which I replied in my usual quick manner “I thought that was the guy’s excuse!”

As I was told later by my mother  the young nurse dropped the needle on the tray so horrified at my comment and turned red and ran out. The head nurse came in and half scolded and half laughed at what I said and said the other lady would not be coming back and refused to ever enter my room again! lol


Moral of the story. No matter how screwed up I am.. you never know just how screwed up I can be lol.


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