Government Jobs… with the Army.. on Monster?

So this was sent to me from Monster.Com job site.. lol No I am not searching for a new job.. but it worries me these are posted.  Most require


So either the USG is really desperate or there is a likely chance of finding someone that knows Physics and nuclear weapons REALLY good! Wonder if they teach this on Phoenix Online?

I Anti-terrorism.. .. on Monster.. Don’t you usually get these guys from Army or some branch of military? I see they have a picture of a Supervisor below!


I am thinking Charlie Sheen would be PERFECT for this job!

(Puts on Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe costume) By Goodness Watson! IT’S A FINGERPRINT!

I know a few people that have a Masters degree in macaroni art and basket weaving…does that qualify?

Ok.. so I guess there are a real shortage of Nuclear specialists and Chemical engineers.  Makes you really wonder where they are all going!?

Ok now THIS ONE actually makes sense for the military! LOL

Because you  know.. four star generals have an issue with slicing that 40mm mortar shell into the rough. What is that called.. an handicap? Actually looking at this I see it calls for an assistant. So who is the pro Tiger Woods? Hmm I wonder if he is on a mission to hump his way behind enemy lines!?

Really? I can imagine the qualifying questions on this.  “Have you ever had the urge to juggle random objects?”

Ok I think we are getting our branches mixed up here. lol



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