Happy St. Patricks day

So I was reminded of a time when I was an assistant  manager for a Wal-Mart in Virginia. It was the week after St Pat’s day and we had TONS of the seasonal clothing we needed to discount and push out. The ladies wear manager got smart and put the  lingerie on a rolling rack and pushed it up front for fast movement.

During the morning meeting my boss the Store manager was commenting on the smart move and saying all departments with like merchandise should follow suit! He then turn as looked at me and asks “So are you a boxers or briefs kind of guy?”.

My reply? “Sir I do not wear any!” Needless to say all the ladies died laughing and smiled. He however turned red face in embarrassment and just looked at me shaking his head laughing.

Unfortunately no one offered to rub my lucky charms that day! Oh well.


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