On my way to lunch.

So these are some of the things I saw at lunch.

Stopped at the red light.

You cannot see it very well but the young lady’s sticker says STUDENT DRIVER. I say FAIL! (for those of you not seeing the point she is half out in the street past the line she should have stopped at lol)

Stop and grocery store and see this. Nice to see the nice Pinecroft  ’95 wine and a Colt 45! LOL

So I can only choose one? But what if what I order cannot be eaten with just a knife?

Walking back into work a mother was trying to get her infant daughter out of the minivan. While she was not looking her 8 year old son was gnawing on the railing of the sidewalk. Two things there. 1 I am glad I am not paying his dental bills. 2 That is the country’s  future Ladies and Gents!


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  1. A new generation that enjoys gnawing? Not much need for plastic utensils then. 🙂

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