A trip out

So these are some of the odd things I saw while I was out

As I was walking in a noticed this person getting out of his car{white} and another person looked at him and went dude wtf?

He just turned back around and kept walking. I then said “This is a rare treat… seeing the North American Asshole in his habitat!” The WTF man died laughing and the other guy was grabbed by his woman and dragged into the store before he could reply! lol

I would expect this of the lexus guy {black} but a guy driving an acura? Seriously.. did someone think they are more important than they are?

I then walk towards the store and noticed this! Draw your own conclusion here.. but all I can think is false sense of security and poor safety thinking! lol Really who is going to go near a flaming propane tank to grab the extinguisher to put it out?

I walk through the home improvement section and noticed this. …I have no words to define this lol Who stocked this Micheal Myers?

Nothing special here.. just saw this and thought it sounded dirty enough to end up on this blog lol {insert sexual joke here i.e. Open up and say AH!}

I walk out from the store and noticed this. Well at least the truck was not blue.. lol

Last but not least.. I now have a new appreciate for law and street signs! I must obey the law!


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