Personal Ad

Single female looking for Mr. Right.

I am a very open minded woman that is willing to accept others for all their flaws. Looking for a nice guy that will treat me right and now how to show a lady a good time.

Must not drink or smoke. I have to kiss you and take you around my friends. Cannot have you reeking.

Must be healthy and fit. I know I said I am open minded but let’s be honest, I do not want somebody that weighs no more than 180lbs, full hair and teeth, no permanent facial blemishes and also no genetic flaws that can be passed on. Testing of that last one might be required . Girl has to have standards.

Must have a job earning no less than six figures a year.  You know if we have kids or not I am not going to work past 30. I want to enjoy life not waste it at an office!

Must have a good car.  When I say this I am talking Lexus, Mercedes, BMW. I have to been seen driving this so I cannot have anything less than the best!

Must be social. When I say this you must have wealthy and influential friends that will help you make more money to support me or at least give me options for future husbands!

If you think you are the man for me send me a message so we can meet or have dinner.

Has to be a good restaurant too, no dollar menu or all you can eat buffet. Must have dishes I cannot pronounce and good selection in wine/Champagne. Do not get ideas; I am not going to give it up to you until there is a 4 carat diamond on this finger!


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  1. What do you have to offer, other than a picture of a duck with horns and a poorly written,demanding,superficial sounding,narrow perspective (180 lbs? What if he’s 6’4″? Wow!)personal ad?
    I have not read your other material, so maybe this is a bit of a parody. If so,all righty then…

    • Well Gee Steve, if you do not like what I have posted here you are more than welcome to not read further. I do not post for people who do not like what I post, quite the opposite actually. However I appreciate your acidic and deconstructive comments. *thumbs up*

  2. Congrats on your 100th post!!!

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