Thank you for your consideration.. but NO!

Dear eHarmony user,

We regret to inform you thatwe are unable to match you with another client.

Your personality assessment matches thecompatibility criteria for hundreds of clients, however when shown your picturethe reactions from clients were less than positive.  There was a fair amount of crying and somescreaming as the reactions were mixed and varied. Some clients thought we werepulling a belated April fool’s day joke on them, while others were outrightinsulted.

We did try and match youwith some men that were looking for same sex relationships and we had no luckthere as well.  “Tore up from the floorup!* was the average reaction and one individual actually turned straight againafter viewing your picture.

Again we apologize for thismisunderstanding and will be refunding your entire membership fee, however wewill not be offering you the additional 6 months free as our legal departmentsays we cannot afford to keep reimbursing other clients for their psychologicaltherapy visits.

At this time we usually havethe obligatory “We encourage you to try again at another time!* message,however we strongly suggest you never attempt to try us again. We also suggestyou try other sites with people of less discriminating tastes. For example Yahoodating, Plenty of Fish and

We are not encouraging,merely suggesting as this again from our legal department may have the outsidechance of being sued by one of these companies for directing you to them.

We hope you the best of luckin the search for Mr/Ms Blind as a bat and hope to never hear from you again.




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