This was an IM between a friend of mine and I.

LMAO Have fun

Friend : i really hate this girl i work with
Friend : shes one of those people who has a college education and thinks she is just smarter and her opinion matters more at every turn
Friend: we were discussing “global warming”
Friend: every time i say anything she has to start in about it

Friend: My friend and i were talking about how it’s quite possible a crock of shit because we have no hard evidence of timelines and such.. there are so many variables
Me: I blame the cowfarts

Me: cows release 20-30 pounds of methane every hour
Friend: rofl
Friend: dont make me laugh like that everyone always asks what i’m laughing at
Me: See.. if we had a way to light the farts and burn them off
Me: no problem
Me: Mooooo *WOOSH*
Me: Of course… one miscalculation and you have a UFB
Friend: ufb? lol
Me: Unidentified flying bovine
Friend: rofl
Me: oooo I can see a whole TV series on that.. *Next 24… Jack fights a 3rd world country threatening to launch cows at the US by lighting their farts after feeding them uranium rich cow feed!*

Friend: rofl oh god
Me: would they be referred to as moo-ssles?
Me: Ballistic Bovines?
Me: Definitely not Smart Cows
Friend: rofl
Friend: stop i cant keep laughing at this i’ll have to explain it to my boss
Me: Would the new warning be Def-Cow1?
Me: or terrorist level Black and White?
Me: ok


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