Yep you guess it. Time for more WTF

So I have been collecting these over the last week and have now decided to unveil them.

First one up is brought to  you by my leasing company.

Security frame and screws-$100

Man tasked with installing box $10 an hour

Losing the key to the security fram and having to tape the notices to the front-Priceless

Even the most idiotic of intentions go sideways in Deviant’s world.

Ok so I have been in some chilly bathrooms in my time.. but none that required an outdoor propane heater! Seriously.. WTF.

What’s next,  a portable firepit to roast s’mores?

UPS announced today that they are cutting unnecessary expenses to keep down cost of shipping for the customer. Instead of using glue, all windshields will be held in place by painter’s and Duct tape. Because duct tape fixes everything!

Last but not least! Far be it for me to make fun of stupid people {notice I said stupid not special needs}, however if you look to the left you will notice that shiny wet looking stuff on the ground. It’s called rain! What you ask is the man with the  basket on the right doing? He is washing down all the windows! You do the math on this one.


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