Day out for Coffee

As most of you know I try to avoid going out in public. Judging by my posts you can understand why! lol

I was out with my friend Meredith and this came up in conversation. To which she asked “How are you always in the right place ti see this stuff!?”.  I had no way to answer other than I seem to be an idiot magnet. She went to the bathroom and when she came back had this bewildered look on her face. “There was a woman that was going to each stall and using them. She would go in, lock the door while talking to herself and then flush. She would then move onto the next stall.  Needless to say Meredith is afraid my idiot magnetism has rubbed off on her. LOL

Now for the rest of the day.

We stopped in the local Bed, Bath and Beyond since I have never been in one. {yes I know.. wtf how can you not have been, I know!}

Anyway I obviously have been missing out on this treasure trove of WTF!

Here is the first item up for bid! I have no way to explain this.. so I will let you all just stare in awe and laugh.

Meredith pointed this one out. Somewhere out there is a naked Ostrich.

As we are leaving I walk past a real estate office. Obviously not a good one given the sign in the window. lol

Day trip ending at store where I saw this and had to think.. “When had you ever had a wiener that was NOT MEAT?


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