In the way back machine

So visiting my hometown and talking to old friends I am reminded of a lot of stories.

One of which was when I work in the grocery store industry. I decided that I was bored one day so I decided to pull pranks all shift long.

Starting the day I convinced one of the cashiers to call one of the other stores and ask for them to bring back the keys they borrow for our second floor utility room keys.  The store was only one floor.

I sent one of the bag boys looking for the basement to put in gas for the ice maker compressor. I then convinced another cashier to sit in the produce room pulling on  a “starter” switch. I told her when it kicked on that was when the gas was in.  My store manager walked by and saw her pulling her heart out through the bay window. Needless to say he was laughing so hard he really could not scold me. Bagboy was annoyed that he looked for 30 mins for the door.

I then got a  hold of a stocker’s bike and wired it to the ceiling with bailing wire.Then called and asked the cashier answering it for a price check on rechargeable fuses and left handed screw drivers. I told her I was replacing a circuit board and needed these specific parts.

Later that night I picked all the locks on the lockers and switched them around. Btw the lead stocker’s wife looked AWESOME in a thong! Just kidding.. she looked hot in everything.

Last but not least I decided to be really naughty.  I took some pixie stix sugar and cut them into lines on the table  of the break/training room and rolled up a piece of paper into a tube. I then took a soda can and made a few slits into it burned the slits a bit and then put a big piece of kitty litter colored with a highlighter in it. Took some paper and wrapped up torn up basil leaves into it and left the rest on the table near it.

As I was leaving the customer service manager was taking back four new hires. LOL


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