Visiting the homestead

So I am back home visiting family. Quite possibly the ONLY intelligent people in this city.

I pull in and am met with this WTF minivan lol

I stop for gas and noticed this. I have to admit the first four of these are rather interesting. For the person that would completely ignore common sense and do these things… do they really think putting this up would change their minds?

Also there were 2 guys that were at the pump trying to figure out how to pay for the gas with their credit card when I arrived. By the time I pulled in, parked, filled up, took this picture and left… they still had not figured out how to pay! (FYI They were not from the area, so this means we are importing stupid into this city).

I then remembered I needed to stop and pick  up a phone charger because I left mind sitting at home next to my altar and virgin bait. So where do I go? EVERYONE’S favorite place  WalMart!

I walk in where I see a guy dressed head to toe in camo.. playing angry birds on his Iphone.

To the left is the picture studio with a sign up  that says “Easter photos with LIVE bunnies!”  WTF wants pictures with dead bunnies??

I get what I need and get in line behind a young lady who is buying plastic easter eggs and dog biscuits. Either this is a cruel joke for a dog or some kid is going to really be PISSED at this present.

I then duck into the bathroom and look over and see this. Really people?!

What’s wrong… junior too amped up from the “few” sips you gave him of your redbull so you need to strap the little sucker down whilst you “drop the kids off at the pool”?

Huh.. all this on Friday.. wonder how the rest of the weekend is going to play out. lol


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