A day at the mall… again

So people are forcing me to go out and be around humans… this can never end well! lol

None the less as always I have a big pile of WTF for you!

This “tool” is designed to make a repetitive up and down jerking exercise that helps you tone BOTH arms for equal muscle build! Somewhere out there an inventor is laughing his ass off and people sitting around simulating self love! lol

All I can say here is Poop the Rainbow! lol

Honestly this can only end bad.. I picture Junior seeing Mommy opening this with a screwdriver and pulling out cool stuff….

and him trying to re-enact this magic trick on another socket.

I am feeling a sense of irony that  these two are together.

Ok really.. when the kids get too lazy to make a snowball.. it is time to just all lay down and give up on the future. lol

I wonder if my teeth will glow in the dark after using this!?  Lord I hope it does not make that Color corn grow if it gets stuck in my teeth!

This is the head tuner. Made specifically for regrowing hair and clearer tranmissions of the brainwaves the aliens are using on you!

Worries me they say this can arouse you on the package! HA

Umm… yeah there is nothing I can say here that you are not already thinking! CONGRATS!

OK I usually never add pictures of people, but when you are in Spencer’s looking at a wall of “personal massagers” together… you are kind of asking to be made fun of. On a side note she picked the big blue one that requires a 230V power wallcord!  This guy might as well buy an XBOX because this weekends are done!

BTW it was a nice balmy 80 degrees outside with people running around in shorts and tanks tops , but inside there was a Dr Who look-a-like contest! Firt prize winner!


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  1. Montrese Dobson

    Lovin’ the “Dr Who” pic!! LOL

  2. Made my day.

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