A day in DC

So I decided to spend some time in DC see what has been changed in the museums. Since the metro is always a source of entertainment, I went in that way.  On my way in a young lady and her son were riding in the car with me. I happened to look over and saw the warning label on the stroller. Warning, made from highly flammable material. Please keep stroller away from cigarettes and open flames.  Not sure which part of that warning disturbs me more.

I get into Union Station where I walked around while I waited for my friend I noticed this.  Who gets a facial and waxing at Union station in the open?

Also, where else but DC can you get good Thai food and a french tip manicure? LOL

Nom, nom, nom… wtf is….ugh.. Lee press on!

Stopped at a local Tacobell where this young lady was complaining about how she has to fake it to impress people and hates having to not be herself to get them to like her! BTW, that is plastic fruit she weaved into her hair in case you cannot tell. LOL

I have lived in some hardcore neighborhoods.. but never have I seen someone get their tail lights stolen! LOL

Last but not least I found these. Remember when you used an old coffee cup or scoop of some sort to feed your animals? I guess that is not trendy enough anymore! lol


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  1. Man, having a tail light stolen is NOTHING… buddy of mine has a Cadillac CTS… they stole the plastic framing off the back (if you can picture it, it’s the framing that kind of sits between the taillights, on the back of the trunk.

    Apparently that piece is in such high demand that when he attempted to find a cheaper “out” and get the same piece from a junkyard, the 8 he called did not have one to sell him. smdh

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