Friday the 13th

Well no machete wielding hockey mask wearing lunatics did not attack me. Nor did any men dressed like the Trix rabbit wielding steel dildos. However my day to say the least was interesting. LOL  wtf

This morning I stopped at the store for coffee creamer and a young man put down a 40oz beer and bunch of bananas down on the belt. Was all I could do to keep from making the breakfast of champions remarks.

Promptly right after that a young middle eastern woman in a full burka, head scarf and gloves stopped the cashier helping me and asked her “Can you help me fund the sunscreen?”.


As I am leaving an older gentleman(late 40s-early 50s) is outside the front door of the store with his arms outstretched and running in a circle all alone screaming “I AM FLYING BRRRRRRRR!”. WTF

On the way back 2 motorcycle cops had pulled over a Papa John’s pizza truck, here I thought those guys only ate doughnuts.

Finally now I walk into my tech room where the bench tech has become bored and decided to label everything in the owners office. Books, radio, pen, mouse. Everything in the damn room was labelled! WTF

Now I am headed home. Needless to say I get the feeling it can only get weirder! LOL


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  1. Friday the 13th is always a great day for me!!! LOL… this one hasn’t been great, so far, but relative to the rest of the week, it’s felt pretty damn good… lmao

    Rich is gonna be pissed about that rampant waste of label tape! lol

  2. Lmao. Societal confusion at its best. 😉

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