Appreciation of the little stupid things in life.

So as you all know I like to make fun of Walmart A LOT! So today I thought i would make fun of KMart to make them feel more equal! lol

So I start my adventure walking into the home improvement section where I turn the corner and there is a man standing in the aisle looking intensely at the hammer and saw section. Between the look in his eyes and the Joker like smile on his face, I can only imagine he was thinking something fun and carefree!

I then quietly leave that aisle so as to not attraction his attention and happen on this! The one thing that will bring a home together and you can make monthly payments on until Christmas! Hope I can hold it till then! (insert bad Yule log joke here)

I then end up in the sporting good section.. where I can only think somewhere out there, is a guy in a white van with a fishing pole!

I thought it was a rumor after Tiger Woods performance in the Players Championship, but it seems they have a new golf ball out that he is endorsing

Come on.. admit it.. you are thinking the same dirty thoughts I am after seeing that commercial set in  traffic! A fat guy polishing these bad boys off!

The next few are just stuff I came across

Incase you are EVER attacked by a vampiric pachyderm!

Last but not least.. mixed messages!  LOL Lately I have been checking out dating sites and well… Facebook thinks it is helping.. but.. I think they may think I am a 20 something lesbian!?


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  1. Sometimes I think I am a twenty-something lesbian.

    Or I just wish I was.

    I closed my eyes and imagined an elephant vampire and started laughing… but then I got REALLY scared and had to open them in a cold sweat.

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