Thats ok.. it just a fruit roach!

So I went to the local Safeway to get a salad. While I was putting together my salad a roach started crawling across the bar. it then ran out of space and fell to the floor where it tried to crawl under the cooler. I pointed this out to the deli person and his reply “No worry that’s ok.. it’s just a fruit roach!”.  My reply was I do not care if it is fruit, vegetable or Brazil nut.. a roach is a roach!

He then proceeded to step on it while mumbling  “just a fruit roach!” then after it got stuck on his shoe he scrapped it off on the base of the salad bar! I and the lady next to me left our made salads on the bar and left! lol

So two important life lessons came from this visit.

1) Never eat salad from this Safeway EVER again.

2) The deli man at Safeway  is a specially trained entomologist, that can recognize  and distinguish a fruit roach from a standard household roach in one glance!


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