A day out on the town

So as I was out today running some errands, i came across some very interesting people,

As I was sitting at a light to go to the store a man started walking across the street and halfway across the red hand sign changed from the walking man. So the man stopped, turn aroun and walked back to the corner he started from! This was just the smallest wtf moment I saw.

While in the store a young couple came in and the girl blurts out “Sprite has not taste right? I do not want a soda with taste!”. Wtf drinks tasteless soda? Needless to say after 5 minutes of them discussing this only to have the boy claim he does not drink soda, she turns around quickly and walks face first into a wall. I hope they do not breed.

Driving down the road I see another couple. A rather fluffy woman and a thin man. I was actually intrigued by this pairing since I myself are the fluffy kind. Then I looked again. The man was wearing a large diaper bag/backpack and pushing a stroller with TWO kids in it uphill. She was casually strillong along carrying nothing and smoking a cigarette. I then realize he is her pack mule! Lol

I stop at walmart. When I get out of my car, there is a guy standing next to a very old car counting a wad of dollar bills furiously. Kind of like the way you see important peole in movies do. I almost said “Dude you are standing out in front of a WalMart with a car being held together by duct tape and wishes! Do you realy think so one is going to lookat you and think.. BIG PIMPIN’!” Alas I didn’t. Lol

I walk in, only to walk past a large group of guys that looked like someone cloned an Ambercrombie and Fitch dildo with ears 7 times. They were all gathered in the sporting goods area to buy ONE box of bullets. Not sure what this was all about, however I get the feeling foxnews will be doing an expose video on some new trend involving red bull, vodka and bullets.

Needless to say this was an interesting saturday, wonder what tomorrow is going to be like! Lol


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