LOL.. I sometimes wonder..

Do people make these things in hopes someone like me will make fun of them?

Well now.. lets not disappoint shall we?

First order of business… I think I am going to sue here for misrepresentation! The woman here on this box is smiling! Lets be honest ladies.. you know when you are using one of these you are cracked out of your head nervous going “OMG OMG OMG”, sweating bullets and crying! Making deals like “Dear Lord, if you help me out this one time! I swear!” Then again she could be smiling because it came back negative!


If you really think one of these are going to actually work!? Then YOU are on drugs!



I know a few people that could use this handy gadget when playing xbox! lol <you know  who you are>

I am amused by the selling points here!

“know your limit” If you knew that, would you be using this damn thing? ,

“backlit LCD display” because those beer goggles would never lie! If you do not believe me ask the chick with the jackal laugh or the guy with the dragon tattoo on his SKULL that you are now currently taking home!

“No mouthpiece required” then what the hell are you going to blow on?? Wait… I can work with that! <evil grin>


This next one is a teeth whitening kit.. though I am thinking there is a dual meaning here!




Last but not least… hell after that last one, this just seems too fitting to pass up!


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  1. LOL The Stuff U Find Bro hahaha

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