Going to work and after arrival

On my way to work this morning I was sitting next a rather large and angry looking woman in a minivan. When the light turned green and the car in front of her did not move she laid on the horn and screamed “Move you stupid mother fucker before I get out and beat your ass!” and then promptly gave the driver the finger.

Next stop light I stopped next to the slow mover and noticed she was knitting. WTF!? So needless to say an array of thoughts went through my head from her really being that bored in traffic to how would the EMT explain this in the incident report if she wrecked


I arrive at work to see the “banana circle of life” that one of techs was bored and had a few minutes to spare so they did this.

Glad she only had three to work with or I might have come into some sort of eiffel tower or Stonehenge tribute!


I then check my email and find one that for some reason I was CC’ed one from my client to their client.

First line “As you and I have discussed before, there should be no late feels and last we spoke you were going to pursue this with (name censored)!

Wow.. here we have just been charging money for being late! You mean we can fell people up too!? FUCK YEAH!

My friend Kelly then IMs me saying “I honestly thought until this moment you make that shit up you post! I just watched a couple pushing a small  sized dog in a stroller. I have got to come to the mall more often!” 

There you go kids! I am not nuts and this shit really happens! LOL

Last but not least. I have this red stress ball (imagine that I need one right?!) and today my friend Tracy made some comment that I immediately turned dirty and vulgar! *bows*

She then turns around and threatens to beat the shit out of me! I then counter with putting the red stress ball in my mouth and screaming (in a muffled way) LET’S DO IT!  With no way to even reply to that she turns around and walks back to her office. LOL

Well now it is 1:15! Wonder what the second half of the day will be like!?




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  1. Just reading these… the knitting one is hilarious!!! I’VE SEEN THAT, TOO!!! WTF? is the knitter going to get tortured if that crap isn’t done by a certain’ time? Do they work in a sweatshop and wish to get ahead so that they can get their daily glass of water? lmao

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