Why I am not allowed out in public! lol

Was driving down to my home town when I stopped at a McDonalds for food on the road. I pulled up to the first window where there was a gentleman and a lady talking in spanish.

I jokingly said “Yeah what she said!”  He laughed and commented “She thinks I am not normal!” I reply “You look pretty normal to me.”

“Well I am normal but really abnormal!”  At this point my sarcasm kicked in and I said “So have you ever found yourself in a field under a full moon flogging yourself with a rhubarb?”

The girl started laughing hysterically and the guy’s eyes opened as wide as I think he could possibly manage. He then replied “ummm no!”

Me “Well then, you seem pretty normal to me then!” With that I drove off to collect my food at the next window.


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