Signs and their meanings.. Yeah right lol

So I went to go visit family this weekend. On my way back I saw some ver interesting things.

My first sign was at a local book store that proudly displayed a sign in big red letters ” OVER 256,000 REAL BOOKS!”. Guess lately there has been a crime syndicate out there passing off counterfeit books to unsuspecting readers!

This one I actually had time to take a picture of!

Karate birthday? Ok either one of two ways this can go. Either someone does not like using knives to cut the cake or they have a new way to deliver those birthday spankings. Either way not good! Lol

Next was a double sign. On the top Harbor inn seafood, on the bottom Sara’s lingerie and novelties. I think I can skip the obligatory clam and fish stick jokes at this point! Lol

Then there was Ed’s tattoo and sub shop. Yes I would like to order a foot long botchulism with a side order of blood poisoning! Wonder if they have their own sub club card, buy 12 sandwiches and get a free trampstamp!

Then there was this larger grey building, on the side was two words “Hitt contracting” guess it does pay to advertise.

Finally I was driving past a large open field full of cows and in the middle was a Large white sign with big green letters “BANK SITE”. Interesting p lace to put a bank, wonder what the exchange rate is on cow manure?


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