Redneck wedding

So in reading about my friend Nicole going to her best friend’s wedding, I was reminded of when I helped my Mom with her DJ business. This mainly consisted of me setting up and breaking down the equipment and helping with sound checks.

During the “working time” this afforded me free food and time to observe people.

On one such occasion this couple were from the rural parts of my area which meant a lot of alcohol and anger!

Towards the end of the night there were many country songs requested and one happened to be the favorite fast paced song of the bride. Once she heard it she immediately tucked her wedding dress into the waist band of her panty hose and began to “ride the horse” (best way to describe) galloping around the entire reception hall screaming at the top of her lungs “YEEHAW!”

If this were not band enough four or five people of the wedding party decided it would be fun to decorate the bride’s brand new mustang. What started off as a few beer cans turned out to be a 24 pack killed, some old shoes and a tree branch large enough to qualify as a small tree!

Finally the festivities were brought to a screeching loop by the best man and groom slugging it out because something was said by one of them that upset them both. After beating the living he’ll outdone another they got up and hugged and went straight to the bar!

Needless to say my mom promptly asked for her check and then was asked if they paid here some cash could she play a few more hours. I think her exact words were ” Have you lost your damn mind!? HELL NO!”

Anyway I think I broke a record on a breakdown and pack up that night and left quickly before there was something even worse to come. Like a sheep mounting or lynching of some sort!


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