You can go home again!

Just everyone there except certain family are fucking nuts! Ok this is harsh.. there are nuts EVERYWHERE lol

How do I even begin this post! LMAO

Well hell lets start from leaving DC.

I stopped at a local grocery store where I walked in and off the bat saw this!After this picture he went for the gold! I think he stopped when his wristwatch prevent further…. intrusion…lol

Next I find funny just because of the contrast of the picture on the bottle and the two things printed on the bottle as well.. lol

Ok this is more sad than funny. However this is kinda of  an example how people take no pride in their jobs anymore. Maybe this can double for an ad for viagra? Ha

Now driving home I stopped in front of this building behind a woman with the license plate Les beau. Wonder how many are going to get that. lol

Really!? There is an INSTITUTE on governmental waste? LOL 

Speaking of people not spending wisely. I can only imagine they were having this sale to make a car payment. Damn 22% interest rates!

So I get into my home town and see this. Wow a korean market AND drycleaner?! Well I guess that is good to get Korean BBQ stains out lol WTF

Man these Koreans do not play! Good thing they do not take a hand! lol Have to appreciate the there sense of humor.

According to the elders and ancient scrolls.. it is predicted that earth will be invaded by aliens… wielding pirate swords!

I get into my hotel room and turn on the light.. 10 minutes later this happened.

After looking closer I realize the problem… Yes.. that is athletic tape the idiot before me tried to repair the lamp with. lol

Last but not least! I was treated to an early birthday present by my mom of new brakes for my truck. (I am very practical in what I want… well since I cannot have Christina Hendrix)

Needless to say this caught my eye. I asked the shop manager and yes indeed people HAVE tried to watch! The winner of the Darwin award is….

ok kids this is all for now. Who knows what I might see going back to DC lol


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