Random ponderings

These are just things that come to mind randomly.

Before magazine/newspapers or Angry Birds… how did people amuse themselves on the toilet.

Thanks to technology we can accomplish any regular daily task without a second thought, but people cannot figure out how to flush a toilet in a public restroom?

Why are people so enthralled by reality shows about promiscuous intellectually stunted people but then get pissed off  about facebook privacy?

Why do women get mad when they are stared at but dress provocatively which in turn attracts attention?

Why does it say on the back of tucks medicate pads “Do not insert into rectum with finger or mechanical device!”?

What mechanical device would one actually conceive of using to achieve the previous?

Why do gangsta rappers talk about beating up people and shooting one another and then give the peace sign in every picture take of them they pose for?

Why is it the majority of people that keep putting on their facebook  “The Final Harry Potter = The Death of My Childhood” are 14-17?

Why is it people are freaking out about gay marriage but they are making commercial about finding divorce lawyers on your IPad app?

Why are people freaking out about the rate hike for NetFlix but keep buying SUVs and Hummers?

Why Justin Bieber?

Why do people who cars are being held together by duct tape install high power stereo systems in them?

Why are their shows like Ice road truckers and Extreme Chef?

Why is it kids cannot find Prague on a world map or when the cold war ended  but can tell you where Hogwarts is located and who is dating who on TV/Movies?

Why is it we can make a pill to cure male impotency but  not one to fix human incompetency?

When exactly did cel phones stop being used for actually making phone calls?

Why do they give a trophy to all the players in a little league team and never keep score?

Why do men and women complain about never understanding one another but never tell one another the truth?

Why would a woman buy a sheared beaver coat?











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