Heat makes people do crazy stuff.

So in my area it was between 98 and 103 degrees outside. So needless to say I went out to do some errands and enjoy the heavy duty AC.  The following are pics sent to me and what I found! LOL ENJOY!


So to start things off the AC died Friday afternoon at work. Someone here thought opening the freezer door and refrigerator would help take the edge off!


Speaking of geniuses… as you can see here, this the end result of someone flicking their lit cigarette out of the window. We have not had rain here for a month and again 98-103.

I stop at the local grocery store where this kid and his dad walked in with me and checked out behind me in the register. What made me worry was they drove here in the dad’s BMW and there was no bike. Then really worried me when the kid starts spinning and breaking out into full body convulsions/dancing. Then when he started wiggling his tongue at random people I knew he was a future US congressman!


Finally they found a way to shut those little smart ass kids at school up! Look it is fashionable too! (for you Susan!)


Finally this was sent to me by my friend Crystal.. who wanted to choke this woman with her sushi! I would want to stab her with a chopstick too after seeing this! LOL All I can say is WTF!?



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