There are some creepy things out there in the world

So was browsing around the interwebs and came across this stuff.

This itself it an awe inspiring, mouth watering picture of artery clogging goodness!

Then you see this and it places it slightly in a different context lol (wonder how many newly converted vegans we have now after this )



Next up is just your regular American family..enjoying a day at the lake.. with the family horse.. feeding ducks?



This is their weird cousin that no one likes to talk about! Honestly.. he seems the normal one….


*Sings* Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me!!



Umm I guess not only does the sun make them sparkle.. but it makes them style their hair with a weed eater!?

Even though this is a shot of the new Marylin Monroe statue in Chicago.. something tells me this picture is going to end up as an FDS advertisement lol




Believe it or not this is a REAL man and not a creepy wax faxed replica. However judging by the less than excited faces of the kids.. may as well be


Now see if this were a water buffalo it would seem normal.. right?


This one just sums up our future generations here in this country and what we have to look  forward to! I am fucking moving to Ireland!



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