Monthly Archives: August 2011

Panty hose and smart ass remarks.

My friend Maria had mentioned something stupid a cashier said to her on the way out of the door. This reminded me of a time when was working 3rd shift after graduating highschool.

My mom called me and asked me if I minded stopping at the local grocery store to buy her some panty hose.  I stopped off at the store, got what she needed and went to check out.

After paying for my purchase the lady looks at me and says “Do you need a bag for this?”

Granted a man secure in his sexuality I still did not want to walk out of the door with a bright pink bag containing panty hose in my hand, any logical person would have just  placed it in the mag and handed it to me.

Needless to say the are you fucking kidding me look on her face and my saying “Nope liquor store is just down the street, so I will just wear them on my head now!” immediately got them placed in a bag and handed to me.

People wonder why I am not allowed in public unsupervised! lol