One for the road!

In leaving work today it seems that not only people were looking forward to a three day weekend, but they were mentally checked out in some cases. Lol

I am in the parking lot which is almost completely empty and there is a man riding around the lot watching the door. Finally after his third pass I stop and ask him if he is looking for something. His reply, “no I am just waiting for someone!”. Ok you creepy Dutch bastard, maybe parking and not wasting gas in that ford 350 dualie would be a smart play. People like him are the reason we are paying $4 a gallon for gas.

Driving down the street I noticed that people were stopping at the green light and swerving. When I get up there I see in the next lane a hippy-ish dressed man riding a bicycle against traffic like he had the right of way. Guess someone is making up for not being born in time for Woodstock lol.

Next was the two college age boys who’s smart car had (I assume) broken down. As I drove closer I saw them both on their cel phones calling people. Where was the car left you might ask!? In the right lane 10 feet from a turn off, leaving the lane blocked to the coming traffic. Guess smart cars do not need smart drivers to operate them.

Finally I then get behind a woman that 4 times got in the turn lane without a signal just to pull out at the last second. Something tells me she has commitment issues. Lol


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